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About © Nechplus...
2006 : the author started a model (1/160th scale ). This scale is also known as N scale.

In order to ease documentary research, getting a handly name linked to his project seemed more convenient and easier to remember for people I was connected with.

EchN (French abreviation for sc. N) was the first idea. Alas impossible to spell it, unless swapping N and ech in order to obtain 'Nech' .

Nevertheless the author uses other various scales, thus adding 'plus' to the name was more realistic.

So ©Nechplus was born !

A little more about N scale
N is the first letter of number 9 in English, as many other European languages.
N scale has become popular with N Gauge modelism enthousiasts . Name comes from observation that follows :

Normal gauge of a railway line (1435 millimiters) divided by 160 makes... 9 like Nine millimiters. Smart and logical !

N scale is nice and fine :

Figurines look 1/2 inch tall (age and gender can be differentiated) and a doggy-dog, a railing can be represented as well .

Buildings, even the tallest ones, can be built at N scale, from a fisher shelter (3/4 inch high) to tour Eiffel (6 feet high) .

Let's building a cruise-ship or a cargo : 1/100th scale is too bulky, 1/200ème is hard to cope with realistic details like stairs, scales and railings . N scale is perfect for it.

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